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Dental implants offer a permanent solution for your missing teeth and are essentially a substitute for a natural root.


The dental implant is used to secure one or more false teeth, or dentures, into place. It consists of a titanium rod set into the jawbone, to which the false teeth are then fixed. This is a well-established method, lasting many years, providing they are cared for correctly. Dental implants are the new standard solution for teeth replacement to improve your smile and the chewing function of your teeth.

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Dr Samir Patel is now offering dental implant solutions for missing teeth, along with a full range of other dental treatments and care. Please contact us for further information and to book an assessment.

Dental implants

dental implants offer a permanent alternative to dentures when one or more of your teeth is missing

If you're considering teeth implants, arrange to speak to one of our experienced dental surgeons.

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